Maritime Cybersecurity

Gaining access to any system, is a serious threat to the ship, and must be addressed properly.

IT exploitation lets your personal data unprotected.
OT exploitation leaves the ship out of your control.
3-Lock Team

IT & OT Audits

A cyber security audit is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of your IT infrastructure and OT processes.

An executive report and a technical report is delivered with the details of all the vulnerabilities found when auditing the vessels. These reports also include how to fix the vulnerabilities, and best-practices guidelines on how to avoid them.

Continuous Protection

Don't let your digital communications unprotected by reinforcing and monitoring cybersecurity.

Continuous protection is a threat intelligence approach that automates the monitoring of information security controls, vulnerabilities, and other cyber threats to support organizational risk management decisions.

Regulations Compliance

How to accomplish cybersecurity compliance in your vessel, and update GPDR policies against the current regulation?

Does your ship comply with the IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) ?

Contact us to know how 3Lock helps your ship in being up to date with the latest security standards and regulations.

Our process

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage


High Security Standards

3Lock ensures the best security on and off shore. Our team will make your ship a safe environment for you and your crew.

Results-Oriented Solutions


Once the audit has been done and the vulnerabilities have been properly mitigated, we offer the possibility to carry out a periodic monitoring of your network, to prevent possible future attacks, and address them as soon as they appear. 

From Art to Science


3Lock offers the possibility of giving personalized trainings and education sessions about cybersecurity, risk management, assessment and good practices to avoid any unwanted outcome.

Get in touch to know more about our trainings.

Why 3-Lock?

Understanding Security in the Maritime Industry

About Us

Who we are

Helping today's leading organizations protect their most important assets from evolving cyber threats.

We are a team of highly trained technical engineers

3Lock is a cybersecurity company specialized in nautical and maritime infrastructures.

Our team of professionals follows the most advanced security standards to prevent and make sure that any of your systems gets compromised.

We offer a variety of services to test your security.
  • Exhaustive audits from your networks
  • Security monitoring plans
  • Trainings & Cybersecurity Education for crew members and employees

Get in touch and receive a FREE PRE-AUDIT of your ship.

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